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草嶺地區|Caoling Area

1. 萬年峽谷-峽谷由頁岩組成,以「內湖溪」的流水,經年累月切割出美峽谷

Wannian Canyon was formed from shale, and the water of Neihu Creek has been cutting out the canyon for thousands of years.

2. 九芎神木至連心池步道-樹徑約1.2公尺、胸圍約3.8公尺之百年之神木,可由該位置延線走步道接至連心池,感受大自然之芬多精。

Jiuxiong sacred tree is about 1.2 meters widend enjoy the phytoncide and great nature.

3. 五元二角-位於草嶺石壁社區,以「在地居民、在地建材」概念,由孟宗竹建製不同角面的涼亭,表達出讓地之「童趣」與「童心」。

5-Dollar-2-Dime is located in Shibi, Caoling. The concept of 5-Dollar-2-Dime is local people and local building materials. The pavilion is made from beautiful bamboo stalks; many people think it is lovely and fun.

4. 嘉南雲峰- 位處雲林、嘉義、南投之邊界,登高望遠一擁美景。

Jiananyun Peak is located along Yunlin, Chiayi, and Nantou borders. Many people come here to enjoy the beautiful view.

5. 蓬萊瀑布。

Penglai Waterfall

6. 峭壁雄風。

Glory Cliffs

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